SUN, APRIL 9, 2023 • S1 E6 •

Carli Duarte: Healing and Holding Space

Shame and blame are constant, painful companions to survivors of toxic family systems. So are smear campaigns, deception and gaslighting. Charli Duarte knows this all too well.

She also knows the path to healing and has developed a safe, online space for those overcoming narcissistic abuse. One member of the group said it best: "It takes a lot of energy to feel safe again."  

Facebook: The Scapegoated Warrior Hearts (Narcissist Family Survivors & Thrivers) 

As she describes the signs and symptoms of this toxic dynamic, Carli also shares the primary message she's learned: "Shame and blame were never mine, but healing is."

Additional resources:

Nedra Tawab : Speaking up and setting healthy boundaries. Free family, relationship and boundaries quiz on her website.

Dr. Ramani : Guidance on healing from narcissistic relationships

Glynis Sherwood: Online therapy and coaching for survivors of narcissistic abuse

Codependent No More : Melody Beattie's classic instruction. New version includes chapters on trauma and anxiety. Audio version on YouTube.




Healing Words


SUN, APRIL 9, 2023