THU, AUGUST 24, 2023 • S1 E18 • 50 MIN 45 SEC

The Hidden Mercy of Relationship - Guest Host John DeDakis

I turn the mic over to John DeDakis for a lively discussion of Book 4 of my Inside Out series. 'Hidden Mercy' reveals the path out of relationship pain, whether platonic or romantic. Racism, fear, intention and awareness also make an appearance. Our conclusion? A lot of relationship drama and trauma could be negated with inner resolve. It's work but so worth it!

ABOUT JOHN: Award-winning novelist John DeDakis is a former editor of CNN's 'The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer' and the author of five mystery/thriller novels. His stories allow a behind-the-scenes view of politics and journalistic integrity. They also shadow his personal life. 'Fast Track', his first novel, is based on a fatal crash he witnessed as a child and the suicide of his sister. His fourth book, 'Bullet in the Chamber', fictionalizes the heroin overdose that killed his 22 year old son Stephen. 

ABOUT ME: Pamela Nichols is the author of the Inside Out series, Christian stories that entertain and edify. Her characters face painful, real-life issues that require more than 'church as usual.' She is also an editor and story coach who enjoys helping authors realize their calling. Find her on Facebook at PamelaWrites and at  

Description of Hidden Mercy, Book 4 of the Inside Out series:

 When C.B. Barnes discovers his deceased wife’s secret, it
challenges everything he’s believed about himself, his marriage and God. His
faith buckles under intense grief as he’s tossed between hope and hell.  

Exhausted by the constant specter of racism, the Morgan
family braces for battle when it lands at their doorstep. Three generations of
pain across two cultures collide in a stunning act of intolerance. 

Will God’s mercy and power prevail when a covenant shifts and
diversity is disdained? 



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THU, AUGUST 24, 2023


50 MIN 45 SEC